Use it to give a quick overview of your professional experience by noting your role and years of experience, your major accomplishments in the area, and your most important DevOps skills. Take notes on the highlights of your professional life in the job experience section. From coding and deployment through maintenance and upgrades, a DevOps engineer offers methods, tools, and approaches to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle.

The resume in this sample describes the experience in leadership-related positions. This will catch a recruiter’s attention as they see capabilities to manage others. In your resume, explain your leadership roles, pointing out how large of a team you worked with and what was achieved. When how to become a devops engineer you mention significant contributions to an infrastructure upgrade project, you’re showing that you’re not just a passive intern, but an active participant. The added impact of a 20% increase in system performance is real-world evidence of your skill – it’s hard to argue with numbers.

Sample senior DevOps engineer work experience bullet points

DevOps is a rapidly growing field in the tech industry that focuses on integrating development and operations teams to achieve fast and continuous delivery of high-quality software. A DevOps engineer plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the development and operations infrastructure of an organization. Senior DevOps engineer with over 15 years of expertise in infrastructure management. Highly adept at leading, developing, and implementing complex infrastructure, including automation activities, software development, and IT operations.

Generate tailored achievements in seconds for every role you apply to. We spoke with her for another hour, and using 10 other sessions like these collected a bunch of good and bad resume experience examples for you. Here’s a good way to see how pushing specialization into your resume summary makes your resume even better. We are not saying that this resume summary is garbage, but when there are 300 other applicants, it isn’t going to help you make the cut here. This is extremely helpful, especially when you think about a recruiter who’s just going to spend a few seconds glancing through your resume before making a decision. Let’s move on to the next important thing – your resume summary.

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You can list fewer achievements the further back you go in your career, but make sure to make them as quantifiable as possible. For DevOps engineers, a big chunk of achievements consists of increasing business outcomes, so attach a number to those results whenever you can. The best way to do this is through a resume profile (also known as resume summary).

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